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Choose SL/M Nutrition Coaching’s products knowing that you’re in good hands with qualified nutritionist Megan Lacoste. Products include healthy meal plans, one-on-one coaching and content creation.

Nutrition on Point

Nutrition on Point

37.00 every month for 3 months

Nutriton on Point is the perfect program if you:

  • Want to level up your nutrition game

  • Want to learn more about the foods you eat and why nutritionists recommend them

  • Think losing weight would be good but you’re more interested in improving your overall health and nutrition

  • Need the “built for you” meal plan, grocery list and recipes done with new ideas coming each month

  • Are ready to put yourself first and feel confident in the way you’re nourishing your body!

Make sure you go to your email and accept the Nutrition on Point emails so that you will get your meal plans. This is a 3 month program and you will be billed each month unless you cancel before your pay date.


Nutrition on Point is an email based service that is going to get your nutrition back on track or on track for the first time. Each month you will receive a 5-day meal plan, grocery list to simplify your shopping, tools to adjust to your own life as you get healthier, bonus recipes for special occassions or when you feel like something else and health guides to support other areas of your life.