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Megan Lacoste

BSc. Food, Nutrition & Health

Hi, I’m Megan! 

The best part about going through this journey is that losing weight, being healthier and feeling better gave me the confidence and courage to start my own nutrition and weight loss service, something I’ve dreamed about since I first learned about weight loss nutrition 10 years ago.

This isn’t something I have an easy time writing about or talking about for that matter. You might be wondering, “how did you do it? I just want to do what you did” or “you look so healthy and comfortable in your skin, what steps did you follow?” or “what was your journey like, how long did it take you to lose 20 lbs?” I’ve been asked many other outlandish questions but these are the most common and the ones I get from people who already know the type of nutrition I practice. In the past, I gave all sorts of different responses some as simple as “I don’t know” or “just because something worked for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you” when the reality is that I found small changes I was willing to make and stick with. Simple as that! Getting healthy through nutrition does not have to be complicated.

Now you might be wondering what kind of nutrition I practice and that’s very clear to me and I want it to be very clear to you, I use whole nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices that work for YOUR LIFE. That means eating real food, in the right portions and changing some behaviours to prevent unhealthy habits around 80% of the time. There is no magic pill for weight loss, if there was I would GIVE it to you. I don’t want you wasting your money on gimmicks like pills and potions that don’t teach you anything or work in the long run. Diets, I’ve tried them. Cleanses? I tried that too. I hope that in the future less young girls and women will believe that pills and cleanses are the only way, instead they will feel empowered to learn to treat their body with love and respect through proper nutrition and lifestyle.

When I’m not standing on my soapbox trying to abolish diet culture, you can find me playing in the outdoors with my boyfriend or the same friends I’ve had since grade school. I absolutely love camping, hiking, snowboarding, traveling and anything else that gets me outside. I make sure that whatever physical activity I’m doing is because it’s fun and I love it, the number of calories burnt no longer crosses my mind. If you’re ready to learn more about creating healthy habits please check out my free tool. 

I grew up in a food focused household, both my parents are chefs and my first “jobs” included peeling pistachios and other simple tasks in their restaurant. I learned a lot of my nutrition knowledge from studying at the University of British Columbia, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health that I’m very proud of! I’ve always been a go-getter and was a keen student which lead me to a workshop focused on weight loss nutrition. This workshop sparked my passion for helping people lose weight through nutrition and played a huge role in what brought me to writing this “about me” page.