SLIM Nutrition Coaching
Weight Loss Management That Works!

Virtual Assessment

Meet with Megan, your slim nutrition coach, virtually from anywhere in the world. 


Virtual Assessment

This is the perfect plan if you are:

  • want to have more energy

  • ready to start losing weight for good

  • don't want to feel guilty about what you eat

  • tired of attempting other weight loss strategies that don't work in the long run

  • looking to make a long lasting change in your health

  • need someone to hold you accountable between sessions

  • living outside of the Vancouver area

  • not sure you can squeeze in face-to-face meetings

Assessment includes:

  • overview of your history

  • review of your food journal

  • realistic goal setting with manageable objectives to help you reach your goals

  • no guilting, no shaming, no judging

Initial coaching session starting at $139

Monthly follow-up sessions starting at $109


Not sure? Check out our in-person services or contact us for something custom.