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Weight loss coaching services in Vancouver area by SL/M Nutrition Coaching



Why choose SL/M Nutrition Coaching?

All services include:

  • Personalized one-on-one coaching with Megan

  • Review of your current lifestyle and diet

  • Strategies you will work on and incorporate into your daily life

  • Telephone check-in between sessions

  • E-mail support throughout

  • Long lasting results!!!

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all Services will not include:

  • Sales of any products

  • Turning your lifestyle upside down for short term weight loss

  • Magic weight-loss pills

  • Pressure to recruit others 

  • Hidden fees or add-ons

  • Strict dieting or restrictions

Just Launched!

Nutrition on Point is an email based service that is going to get your nutrition back on track or on track for the first time. Each month you will receive a 5-day meal plan, grocery list to simplify your shopping, tools to adjust to your own life as you get healthier, bonus recipes for special occassions or when you feel like something else and health guides for other areas of your life. Learn more here.

Curious about our personal weight loss nutrition coaching?

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*Subcription can be cancelled at any time with a full months notice