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3 Environmental Hacks that will Make Creating Healthy Habits Easier than Ever Before

Welcome! As someone who loves to travel and was once traveling in an unhealthy way, I now choose to include activities like hiking into my vacations. More lifestyle changes that will help you create and maintain healthy habits.

Welcome! As someone who loves to travel and was once traveling in an unhealthy way, I now choose to include activities like hiking into my vacations. More lifestyle changes that will help you create and maintain healthy habits.

I just finished creating the course content for building healthy habits and I just can’t get the ideas and suggestions out of my head. I decided the only thing to do would be to share some tips with you on the blog!

If you’re at all interested in changing your habits whether it’s something big or small, nutrition related or not, all I ask is that you choose something realistic. If you want to make a change, start small and build up your confidence. You’ve got this! Once you conquer one then I want you to try something new, keep changing small things until you feel like you’re in the right place. You might want to set a goal from the beginning and break it down into small steps that will get you there feeling confident and strong. The last thing I want is for you to go cold turkey, feel like crap and give up before you can start to see any positive results. 

Like I always say, this isn’t an all or nothing game, this is your life and we need to be reasonable and supportive of these changes.
— myself ;)

I should also mention that I recently read Rachel Hollis’ “Girl, Wash Your Face” and if you haven’t heard about it, look it up. I really enjoyed it even though it’s not my typical book, it’s probably the closest thing I’ve ever read to a self-help book. It’s also a bit church-y which isn’t really my thing but she gives great advice and starts off by sternly telling the reader that they are in the drivers seat of their own lives. I’m thinking about having my future clients read at least the first couple chapters before they start working with me.

But anyways, back to business. Now it’s time for me to share my favorite tips on building healthy habits. I don’t think anything I’m about to share with you is rocket science… I’m a nutritionist after all, physics was never my thing!

You’ve heard this before in some shape or form and this is your chance to act! Put these steps into place and start living the life you’re dreaming of.

Change your Environment:

  1.    Surround yourself by positive, healthy, supportive people. Susie always has the best healthiest lunches, go sit with Susie and ask her if she can share the recipe with you, then get the ingredients and make it for the next day! Does your work have a walking group or a gym, ask to join or maybe you have great co-workers who ask you to go with them SAY YES! This doesn’t only refer to “real life” if you are only following Victoria Secret models on Instagram this kind of exposure could warp your reality and hinder you from setting realistic goals and sticking to them. Clean up your social media!

  2.   Remove the temptations, common’ we already have enough decisions to make in a day. You’ve been trying to quit smoking but you get invited out to the bar with some old friends, you know if you go, you will light up again. DON’T GO! I’m not your mom or the boss of you but I’m your coach and you’re just going to make things harder for yourself. That’s the last thing I want. Are you trying to avoid junk food? Don’t bring any into your house. Just don’t. Don’t bring it to the office either or in your car!

  3.   Give yourself quick wins! Where you can, set yourself up for success. Did you buy a whole bunch of fresh veggies so that you’ll eat healthier? Chop them up and put them in Tupperware containers or Ziploc bags so that they’re easy to grab when you’re feeling snacky. Again, don’t choose unrealistically big changes! Give yourself some space to smooth out the bumps in the road, we’re human after all.

Now I want to send you off with some tools. I’ve got a couple free resources I want to let you know about. There is a healthy habits guide, which comes with 4 e-mail reminders and information over a month. In case you’re big on snacks and would like to start small by transitioning to healthier options the SL/M Snack Guide is the perfect tool for you!

I hope you find this post as motivational and don’t feel that I was just yelling at your for the last 700 words. But actually, just do it! Starting is the hardest part, if you think you’ve got other blocks holding you back from crushing your goals, reach out to me for one-on-one coaching or to learn more about my 6-week online course which will be re-launching soon! Don’t miss out on any of these resources, your time is now.

As always,

I’m here for you!


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