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PB & J Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies! You’ve probably heard me rant about how I’m not into the “smoothie trend”, which I’m not entirely, but I now see and understand the hype around them!   

I want to thank the California Strawberry Commission for sponsoring this post.

Here we go, let’s just get right into it. Smoothies, they’re delicious, just don’t make these common mistakes!

  1. Heavy focus on calories – I was stuck in diet culture. I thought that making a smoothie, and other foods, with the least amount of fat meant that I was being healthy and would achieve my ideal body weight.

  2. High in added/processed sugars – Choosing non-fat products meant that I would substitute with products higher in sugar to improve the taste of the smoothie, like flavoured yogurt.

With these two mistakes, I carried on disliking smoothies for quite a while until my intern who helped me build, Nutrition on Point put a smoothie on the meal plan. Believe me, I was hesitant about having it on there in the first place, but I know other people like smoothies and we all have acquired tastes and meal preferences! After reviewing this recipe, I gave it shot and loved it! 

Here’s why:

  • No added sugar, the sugar comes naturally from fruit and yogurt.

  • Macronutrients are balanced: 38% fat, 43% carb, 19% protein. If you’re going to eat the smoothie as a meal you want to make sure all food groups have been accounted for.

  • Protein, it’s important that while you’re losing weight or changing your lifestyle you keep yourself from getting really hungry and protein helps you feel full longer. I have a rule of thumb that I use for recipes, especially at breakfast, that you should aim for 20g or more of protein.

  • Yum! It’s delicious. Smoothies don’t have to imitate a salad. I’m going to leave my salad as salad and my smoothie as a breakfast smoothie with a 1 serving of strawberries (~8 or 140 g). #snackon8

  • Fibre! Such a special carbohydrate and a true benefit of the Nutrition on Point meal plan is the fibre content! Since most Canadians and Americans don’t get even half the amount of fibre that’s recommended, we’re using ingredients like California strawberries (available all year in Canada!), bananas and nut butter, which are all a source of fibre.

All nutrition information provided for the recipe are estimates and may vary based on your ingredients.

All nutrition information provided for the recipe are estimates and may vary based on your ingredients.

I hope you enjoy this smoothie and the nutritional benefits that come along with it! Please share your experience below in the comments or on social media by tagging #nutritiononpoint #slimnutrition. If you’re interested in more delicious and healthy recipes, learn more about Nutrition on Point my 3-month meal plan program.

Although this is a sponsored post, all recipes, comments and opinions are my own. As always, thank you for your support.

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